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I love to create with my hands.  I feel that being an artisan is my calling, and I am fortunate to be able to earn my living as a bow maker.

The bow is a very mysterious object, which provides an endless challenge for the maker.  I approach the challenge of bow making through the medium of rare and beautiful materials, using ancient tools and methods.  I consider it an honor and a privilege to work with these materials and methods and as such it is my responsibility to always do my finest work.

When the work is done my bow will begin a new life within a community of dedicated musicians.  These players will then use my bow to express their own creativity.


I studied bow making with Charles Espey.  Mr. Espey provided me with a strong foundation in the French method of bow making, as well as the history and style of French bows.  Training with him was both rigorous and rewarding and I am very grateful for his generous and committed instruction.

Occasionally a door opens into your life and reveals a possibility.  Knowing Charles Espey as a mentor and friend has been pivotal in shaping my life’s work.


Port Townsend

“Port Townsend, Washington, a seaside town on the Olympic Peninsula, has by happenstance become (along with nearby islands) the home of Charles Espey, Paul Siefried, Ole Kanestrom, Chris English, Morgan Anderson, Peg Baumgartel, Robert Morrow and enough other legends and strivers in the trade to make it the undisputed center of American bow manufacture.”

- Smithsonian Magazine, April 2004, “Saving the Music Tree”, by Russ Rymer.

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Port Townsend has become the most dynamic single community of bow makers in the world.  The tradition is flourishing here among a group of makers who enjoy exceptional camaraderie.  


Awards and Honors

2004 VSA Competition

   Violin bow - gold medal
   Viola bow - gold medal
   Cello bow - gold medal

2006 VSA Competition
   Violin bow - certificate of merit
   Viola bow – certificate of merit
   Cello bow – gold medal

2008 VSA Competition

   Violin bow – certificate of merit
   Viola bow – gold medal
   Cello bow – certificate of merit

2008 Violin Society of America

   Designated Hors Concours

     - After receiving gold medals in three separate competitions a maker is given the status of Hors Concours, exempted from further competition, and may be considered as a judge for future competitions.



Professional Affiliations 

American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers

Violin Society of America

International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative, IPCI-USA
The IPCI is engaged in an important effort to research, conserve, and propagate the Pernambuco tree in Brazil. 


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